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Santiago of Cali, 2009

Dear Friends ,

Since the beginning of The American Society of Cali, some 52 years ago, one of our main objectives has been to support programs of education for boys and girls from the poorest neighborhoods of Cali.

We are sure that you share our belief in the importance of education as a fundamental factor in the development of a healthy society.

Our specific objective at this time is to continue to support students from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cali, Colombia. I am referring to the section of the city called Andres Sanin located in the Agua Blanca District. The school we are supporting is called INSA. This school is doing an outstanding job in forming responsible citizens for the future of not only this city, but the state and the country of Colombia. Graduates of INSA, some of whom are students who have been sponsored by our members and friends, are presently continuing their education in prestigious universities with scholarships obtained due to demonstrations of high moral values, academic excellence, language skills, computer skills and an overall positive spirit.

It is our pleasure to invite you to join our group of benefactors or, for many of you, to continue to support this worthy program called "Plan Padrino INSA 2010/2011". For your convenience we are including with this letter the inscription form to be filled out and returned to our office.

Please feel free to duplicate this form and give it to your friends and members of your family. We are sure they will want to join this rewarding cause.


Thank you for your consideration,

Richard W. Lee

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